History of The Old Rydon Inn

The Old Rydon Inn is a grade II listed farmhouse which was part of Lord Cliffords Manor from the reign of Henry II up to the 18th century. The restaurant lounge and dining room are in the oldest part of the building and still have the original elm screens dating from the early 16th century. The restaurant, although a newer addition, is still over 150 years old and features a 50ft Well built in the middle ages.

When entering the pub through the low front doorway you'll pass a lamp made from the old 'turn-screw' for the apple press, a press which apparently produced much of the cider consumed by the village! The Inn actually consists of a collection of different dining areas, each providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Devonian name "Rydon" comes from the Old English "Ryge Dun" meaning "Hill of Rye".